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Paul Cook Fine Handmade Floats - Trademark colouring
All floats are handmade using only the best quality materials available.
Cork bodied floats are filled and smoothed before varnishing. To compliment the various silk whippings several layers of top quality gloss varnish is applied.

All floats are silk whipped in Dark Green, Maroon or Black.
They are tipped and spiral silk whipped in Red, Orange or Copper depending on your requirements. Float tips are painted in Red, Orange or Yellow.  Where applicable, a shotting pattern is included.                                                        

                                                                                                     New floats ** ~

Gold & Copper Shaded ** Trademark colours
Please note that many of my floats have
trademarked colouring/shading patterns.
                                                                                         ** Porcupine Quill floats - 9-1/2" & 11-1/2"


   ** Cork bodied Chunky Avons            ** Cork Roach floats        ** Trademark colours    **Cork bodied Grayling floats
                                                                                                   Green and Copper Bodied Wagglers


  ** Shaded Green/Spiral Grayling floats                  Trademark colours                     ** Cork bodied Crucian floats
** Shaded Green Tench Drifters

Cork bodied Avons, S,M,L           Straight bodied Wagglers - Feather Inlay       Swan Quill Carp floats

        Feather Blended Painted Avons         Cork Perch and Grayling Bobbers       Painted Nottingham Sliders          

Goose/Swan Insert Quills       Feather Inlay Perch Bobbers & Avons           Antique Green Avons             

                Cork bodied Tench Drifters                                   Trademark colours                  Boxed Sets with your choice of Floats
                                                                                              Green and Copper Tench Drifters

The 'Burdett' range of floats

Mr Burdett, a fellow angler and professional fisherman very kindly
field tested these floats for a whole season before giving me his verdict on their performance.

With a few final adjustments we finally settled on their design and shotting patterns.

From the words of Mr Burdett " A truly fine set of floats, suitable for
all Stillwater angling and built to the usual high standards!"

PLEASE NOTE. For all future float orders the minimum order will be five floats. I would also like to add that due to popular demand on rod building and restoration, float orders are taking
a longer period of time to complete. All my products are hand made by myself and take time to make and the utmost care and attention is given so that the customer receives an order built to a very high standard.

Please bear in mind when placing orders that at times delays are unavoidable,  floats are made to order and are very rarely in stock. With enquiries regarding float orders, depending on my workload, I can only give an approximate timescale, however if there is a delay I will make contact with the customer giving the choice to cancel the order or accept delay.  
Thank you,  Paul Cook                                                                                                                                   
                                                                                                                                       Spiral Shaded Green Avons

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